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Austria is an excellent base for your business and offers ideal conditions for small enterprises, start-ups as well as multinational companies. The geographical location, ideal market access even to Central Eastern Europe, outstanding infrastructure with the Vienna Airport amongst others and highly educated employees make the business location highly attractive. Furthermore, high know-how in technology, a stable political system and a broaden education standard with a lot of highly reputed universities and research institutions like Technical University, Montan University, Institute of Science and Technolog, etc.

According to several studies, e.g. Mercer Study, Austria offers an extremely high living standard and high security. Austria has a well-developed social market economy and since its membership to the European Union, it has attracted lots of foreign investors lured by the country’s access to the single European market.

Austria has a very high productivity, a low rate of unployment and a stable relation between empolyers and employees. In all this fields Austria ranks in 2015 amongst the Top 4 within the EU.

Austria offers for companies and holdings good a highly competative corporate income rate of 25% with a quite comprehensive range of deductible costs related, tax free dividends and an attractive international group taxation system.

Additionally to the high rate of research in Austria – the actual rate in 2015 is 3% and it is intended to increase research even more – there is a highly attractive Research Bonus of 12% of all related costs. This research bonus is paid out tot he companies by the tax office. For more information please contact us through

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AustrianBusinessSupport powered by ARTUS

ARTUS is an Austrian professional firm specialised in taxation, accounting, auditing and management consulting. We maintain a network of competent and specialized partners abroad and at home. Amongst others we cooperate with lawyers in all major fields from company law to labour law, notaries, insurance experts to support you and your company at all stages of its development.

We think holistically. Changes in the economy and progressive globalisation create new challenges for companies. In order to secure your long-term business goals, we work with foresight, find individual solutions to complex problems together with you, and implement new strategies. This is done through:


financial statements, audits, valuation, consulting, reports


In addition to the pure performance of examinations in compliance with international rules, we often recognise potential for improvement from related areas such as taxation, management consulting and accounting.

Tax Consulting

tax returns, tax planning, financial statements, reorganisations, transfer prices, BEPS

Tax Consulting

The correct assessment of tax impact has become an increasingly significant influence on business decisions. "Anticipating taxes correctly" - our team of generalists and specialists will be happy to assist you in your decisions and develop tailor-made tax-optimised solutions together with you.


bookkeeping, accounting, balancing, reporting, external office, management


Bureaucracy in good hands
Keep your corporate structure slim and outsource your management largely to us. Everything from a single source - we take care of all administration and accounting for you including bank payments and the dunning process!

Management Consulting

start-ups & company formation, business valuation, company handovers

Management Consulting

Flexibility, a solution-oriented approach and an open ear.
Accordingly, the methods and/or the specific services in accounting, tax consulting, auditing and management are the respective tools we use for pinpoint consulting.


Payroll check, monthly calculation, time recording, pension plans


Payroll risk check, monthly calculation, time & holiday recording and payment, insurance & pension plans
Due to its complexity and the continuous changes, payroll accounting still represents one of the most difficult matters in accounting, as it includes issues relating to income tax law as well as aspects of labour law and social security.

Together with BKR or your local tax advisors we support your market entry in austria or your single transaction in the Austrian market. We take care of special VAT topcs like VAT distance selling, your paryoll accounting or organise the establishing of your Austrian permanent establishment or your subsidiary with our strong network of laywers & notaries.

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