The history of ARTUS

We have been taking care of our clients for more than 65 years. Since 1999, we have been known as ARTUS.

The presumption is right: our name goes back to the legendary King Arthur's Round Table. Metaphorically speaking, our own and friendly experts sit around a table and answer your questions and concerns in all relevant areas. This is the model we follow at ARTUS.

From the formation of the company to ARTUS as we know it today


ARTUS has grown and has new partners & Salzburg is breaking new ground

ARTUS has grown and has new partners & Salzburg is breaking new ground

Since the beginning of the year 2018, ARTUS has been enlarged by "Eva Pernt and Team".  In the client segment of doctors and freelancers, Mrs. Pernt specializes in consulting for business start-ups, operating economic decisions and planning for succession. Moreover, ARTUS‘ new partner also prepares expert’s reports. Mrs. Pernt is involved in several committees for taxpayers, for example the Specialist Senate for Tax Law.

Tomislav Stipic, BSc is the company's new partner. Mr. Stipic has been the head of our office in Baden since January 2017 and is since June 2017 an authorized signatory. His focus is on advising freelancers, SME consulting, consultation of doctors. He is also specialized in the care of agricultural and forestry companies, insurance, construction and real estate companies.

Within the framework of a management buy-out, the Salzburg site has become "SW Steuerberatung & GmbH Co KG" this summer.

Ready for the digital transformation
With around 70 employees, ARTUS focuses on the comprehensive corporate support of numerous national and international clients. In addition to traditional tax consulting services, the areas of digitization, data protection, and employment law are being intensified. ARTUS manages numerous entrepreneurial projects such as start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and corporate transfers as well as tax risk management- and financial criminal law-related issues.


Relocation of ARTUS Vienna to Stubenring 24, Extension of business areas

Relocation of ARTUS Vienna to Stubenring 24, Extension of business areas

As a result of our steady growth over the recent years, the Seilerstätte premises have become too small for us. In search for larger office spaces, we found our new office at Stubenring 24, in the First District of Vienna. Since October 30, 2017, we take care of your concerns on the second floor of this beautiful old building.

ARTUS is expanding its business fields and welcomes Mr. Ferdinand Pongracz, an expert in the area of digitization, on board. Tomislav Stipic, BSc, is our specialist for tax consulting for physicians.


ARTUS ranks among the top 25, BKR EMEA Regional Meeting Vienna & WU Advice

According to the Chamber of Accountants and Auditors ARTUS ranks among the top 25 companies.

The BKR EMEA Regional Meeting was held in Vienna in 2016. Tax advisers from 50 countries - from Europe, the Middle East and Africa - attended the meeting. The Congress was held in the Vienna Marriott Hotel, with representatives of 65 BKR EMEA member companies participating. Being an exclusive Austrian BKR member, ARTUS had the honor to host the congress.

In the context of our cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, ARTUS has been participating in "WU Advice" workshops since 2016. ARTUS answers questions by students looking to set up a business and conducts panel discussions with potential company founders on topics such as business plan, choice of legal structure, accounting, tax and social insurance.


Always in tune with the times

Always in tune with the times

We introduce e-mail encryption to increase security for our clients.

Our international association BKR celebrates its 25th anniversary.

At three offices, we work with more than 70 employees and serve over 2,000 clients nationally and internationally.


ARTUS is counted among the Top 50 commercial companies in Austria.


A year full of events

A year full of events

ARTUS becomes a member of BKR, a leading international association of tax consulting, accounting and professional services firms. BKR represents over 150 companies and 300 offices in more than 70 countries worldwide (

Integration of Wegenstein & Partner Wirtschaftstreuhand & Steuerberatungsgesellschaft m.b.H., 10 employees are kept on.

Wolfgang Schmid becomes ARTUS' Partner and integrates his firm into ARTUS.

Wolfgang Dibiasi becomes a court-certified expert.

There are now 64 employees working at ARTUS.


Collaboration with Mag. Wolfgang SCHMID Tax Consultancy GmbH

ARTUS has 49 employees already.


65th Anniversary of Österreichische Revisions- und Treuhand Gesellschaft m.b.H. (Austrian Audit and Trust Company)

65th Anniversary of Österreichische Revisions- und Treuhand Gesellschaft m.b.H. (Austrian Audit and Trust Company)

Celebration of the 65th anniversary of Österreichische Revisions- und Treuhand Gesellschaft m.b.H. ÖRT is the auditing firm of ARTUS which also comprises ARTUS Steuerberatung GmbH & Co KG and ARTUS Unternehmensberatung GmbH.

In addition, our tax blog containing numerous current contributions is launched.

Adaptation of internal workflows to forward-looking document management with paperless processes.

ARTUS has 44 employees at this point in time.


Ten years of ARTUS!

Years of industry and technical knowledge combined with unconventional solutions and expertise enable us to meet the requirements of challenging entrepreneurial projects both at national and international level.

In 2009, ARTUS has 42 employees already.



ARTUS' Salzburg office opens

ARTUS' Salzburg office opens

Florian Böhm joins the company as Partner and the Salzburg office is opened.

ARTUS now employs 30 people.


Relocation of ARTUS Vienna to Seilerstätte

Relocation of ARTUS Vienna to Seilerstätte

In 2002, the Vienna office relocated to Seilerstaette 22, in the first district of Vienna, where ARTUS has served its clients ever since. The name "Seilerstaette" derives from "Seilerstatt", the German designation for the trade of rope makers, who manufactured their ropes here. Originally, "Seilerstaette" was not a street name. The official name "Seilerstaette" was given to the street only in 1821. The history of the Seilerstaette 22 building reaches back as far as into the 15th century, when there was a house and a stall with adjacent garden on the site. The building obtained its later name "Schlosserhof" allegedly around 1595 due to its function as the residence of armorers, who were employed in the Imperial Arsenal's cast foundry.


Wolfgang Dibiasi joins

Wolfgang Dibiasi becomes Partner and integrates his tax consultancy (established 1996) into ARTUS. He becomes a qualified auditor in the same year.


ARTUS is launched

ARTUS' foundations are laid in this year. At the time, ARTUS still has an office in Mistelbach in addition to its locations in Vienna and Baden.

Gerhard Schwab becomes a Partner.

The company has 18 employees.


Founding year of Österreichische Revisions- und Treuhand-Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Österreichische Revisions- und Treuhand-Gesellschaft m.b.H., "ÖRT" in short, is founded by Mr Karl August Ziegler, the future President of the Chamber of Chartered Accountants.

Like Berlin, Vienna was divided into four zones at the time, with the First District being administered jointly by the occupying powers. During this period, opening an office was not possible without any problems. The post-war period considerably complicated the search for suitable furniture for the office premises and essential meetings with clients were made difficult by the occupation zones.

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