Good planning is the basis

On the basis of holistic planning (earnings and financial planning services, budgeted balance sheet) you will receive numerical company guidelines to ensure timely detection of necessary resources or bottlenecks (such as in staff, liquidity, etc.).

Assistance with company formation

We check every business idea for feasibility, and we develop a concept and well-thought-out business plans together with you. We offer assistance with implementation of each step. Together, we turn ideas and visions into real business.

Comprehensive foundation planning involves all business areas. The choice of legal form for your company is of crucial importance: This decision involves not only tax-related but also social security-related and legal issues. You should therefore seek professional advice in good time and plan your way to self-employment together with us in advance in order to ensure that your company formation is marked by success.

When and why does a business plan make sense?

The business plan is a key document for assessing but also for controlling the future (or existing) business activities. It demonstrates that the founder(s) are able to create a real company out of a business idea. The business plan is the basis for potential business partners, banks and venture capitalists for any collaboration or investment decision.

The business plan consists of two parts:

The written formulation of the business idea
It includes a reference to the product, service, customer benefits, market size and description of the target group, market entry and duplicability, marketing, management, and key positions, opportunities and risks, etc.

The financial section of the business plan
The financial section of the business plan will contain the revenues resulting from the business idea, the balance sheet situation and, in particular, the cash flows in figures. This will give you an overview of the required capital and how it will be used. Business plans are often indispensable, as they enable you to take all the necessary measures to ensure optimum implementation of the business idea and to assess resources and their optimal use. This particularly concerns the required liquidity in order to be able to meet all payment obligations on time. It is essential that a company is always in a position to pay its debts without interfering with the company's operative processes. Otherwise, even the highest prospective profits cannot prevent insolvency. The period covered by the planning should comprise approximately three to five years. Periods beyond this time span are normally more difficult to estimate, meaning that the planning would have little significance.

Our range of services includes:

Setting up a company is a very complex procedure. In order to ensure the successful completion of this project, we are happy to assist you with your human resources management, your accounting as well as your daily paperwork on request.

“Put your shoes on, we'll help you run.”
Wolfgang Dibiasi

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